Hopes, goals and challenges of the Communication for Religious Life

Hopes, goals and challenges of the Communication for Religious Life


The central event of the First International Meeting for Communication in Religious Life, reserved for the communicators only, took place on November 27 and 28. More than 200 communicators working in the various religious congregations and organizations gathered to discuss the current challenges in the communication and reflect on the future of the communication for religious life.

In the opening remarks sr. Mary Barron, OLA, the UISG President shared her wishes for the participants: "I pray this time together will enable you to achieve the goals you have set for yourselves for this week."

Sr. Pat Murray, IBVM, the UISG Secretary stated in her welcome speech: “While it is important to have high professional standards and to learn all the skills and techniques needed it is important not to lose sight of the purpose communication and the role of the communicator. The communicator needs to reflect on how God’s word and God’s love can guide us as we communicate with others.”

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Before giving the floor to the speakers of the day, Patrizia Morgante, Coordinator of the “Communicating Religious Life” Project, set an intention for the Meeting: "During these two reserved days we will work precisely on setting priorities that will result in a declaration 'Together for effective digital and evangelical communication: a commitment for the coming years', which we will launch at the concluding meeting on 4 December." 

After being send off in prayer by sr. Paula Jordao, fmvd, the UISG Formation Coordinator, prof. Juan Narbona – professor at the Pontifical University of the Holy Cross, talked about the reality of the communication in religious life and in the Church. In his presentation he underlined the key aspect of the relationship between  leadership and the communication team: “If the relationship doesn’t work well, it impacts the quality of the communication.”  He also stated increasingly communication plays more and more important role, therefore the communicators carry out a very important mission in the religious life.


Later on, Sisters Maria Antonia Chinello and Enrica Otone from the Ponifical Faculty of Educational Sciences "Auxilium" approached the topic of new borders of the communication: AI, robotics and metaverse, sharing a wide perspective and updates on the topic.

Sr. Maria Antonia highlighted that in the world of multiple social media and digital platforms, where more and more products are available, it is essential for all of us to be equipped in the intelligence of complexity and critical thinking.


Sr. Enrica in her presentaton stated: Communication of kindness is necessary to live in our institutions and even in relating to the public world.” In her discourse, she encouraged everyone to educate themselves in the theme of AI to better understand challenges it brings, as well as opportunities it offers.


The second day of the Meeting began with a moment of prayer prepared by sisters Cristina Valea Sobrino and Sr. Giduthuri Fathima Shirisha. It was followed by an overview of the results of the survey conducted among sisters communicators, gathered in the publication “Sisters Communicate”. The presentation was prepared by sr. Alice Callegari, EF and Patrizia Morgante. 

The publication will be made available to the wider public on December 4th during online and in presence meeting Communicating Religious Life: Towards the Future.

Afterwards, the participants split into language groups to reflect together on the content of the meeting, as well as share hopes and goals for the coming years of their work in the field of communication.

Both days offered also morning and afternoon workshops on themes such as: digital discernment, strategic planning or digital culture, attended on average by 200 participants each.

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