Happy Easter from UISG!

Happy Easter from UISG!


Christ is risen and with him our hope is risen!
This is the certainty that joyfully surges from the heart. Through Jesus' resurrection love is proved to be stronger than death, stronger than evil.

May it be an Easter of resurrection and true change, substantial for all.
An experience of genuine inner renewal involving radical and profound decisions that open new horizons to our lives and give new rhythm to our journey together.

May it be a transformation towards the humanism of justice and fellowship that we all desire.

Best wishes. May Love always arise through our life which is made gift, made welcome, made hospitable space for all.

Happy Easter!

Sr Nadia Coppa, ASC
UISG President




Me parece de una belleza espiritual honda. Gracias por la mirada que ensancha el corazón y lo hace compasivo.Al modo de Jesús


Sr Dorina

Grazie di cuore carissima Sr Nadia e carissimi membri della UISG per tutto ciò che siete e donate alle nostre Congregazioni: semi di vita nuova e percorsi di resurrezione insieme. Una preghiera speciale per ciascuna di voi srDorina

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