Plenary storytelling: graphic facilitation

Plenary storytelling: graphic facilitation


PATALETA team talks about the power of graphic facilitation and their experiences during the UISG Plenary 2022.


Watch the gallery of Pataleta's graphics from the UISG Plenary 2022


Pataleta facilitators describe their work: "We passionately believe that with our work we can help heal the rifts we have created with nature, with others and within ourselves. We live in a state of perpetual learning, with humility, with affection, with curiosity. We want to create with others, to listen, to make visible, to make possible."


For the very first time, the UISG invited graphic faciliators to collaborate during the Plenary sessions in Rome. The Pataleta team joined the participants as silent listeners, who, by the end of the session, presented the summary of it in a form of a creative image. The aim was to illustrate the key concepts and ideas emerging from the Assembly and to, through images, facilitate the learning and memorizing process.


Watch interview with Zulma Patarroyo - creative facilitator and founder of Pataleta:


" For me, graphic facilitation is a mix of catching many ideas, contexts and metaphores in order to create a unique piece, a different canvas" - says Laura Peralta, graphic reporter.


Listen to the interview with Laura Peralta


"People are not used to stop and listen, and graphic facilitation can be an invitation for them to do so. Many times the impact created by reflecting visually what a person has said, liberates the person from needing to be heard. Seeing that its opinion was taken into account helps them relax, lower the need to be listened to and allows to listen to others. That has a great impact on the group dynamics, when by a silent witness of an image a group can lower their defense and open up to a more profound listening." - explains Zulma Patarroyo.


The interviews with other Pataleta members are available on our YouTube channel

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