UISG Formation Programme 2022: graduation

UISG Formation Programme 2022: graduation


June 30th was the graduation day for the 45 Sisters who participated in the fourth Edition of the UISG Formation Programme for Formators. The whole programme lasts 5 months from January - June. This year the participants came from 34 countries, representing more than 30 different Congregations. 

Registration for the 2023 Programme is already now open. 


The theme chosen for the graduation ceremony was: "Go and Witness Synodality as Graced Companions".


Sr. M. Cynthia Reyes, sra, Coordinator of the Programme, said:
"Congratulations sisters! Now you are ready for your formation and vocational mission at the service of your Congregation and the Church. I would like to thank all those who accompanied the sisters during the five months. A special gratitude goes to Fr David Gentry Akin, Mission Promoter of the Solidarity with South Sudan Project, who accompanied the group in many ways."

Sr. Pat Murray, ibvm, Executive Secretary of UISG, offered some final words to the sisters reminding them that:

"Religious life is an adventure of love with Jesus and with the world. In the Scripture passage chosen for today’s celebration, we are told that Abraham kept moving forward, going to the frontiers. You are going back to new frontiers, new places perhaps or old places which you will see with new eyes.
We use our senses, our eyes, our ears, touch, smell and taste; God enters through the way we sense, see, touch the world; and we reflect that through our biblical and scriptural way of life.

I learned a great lesson from the Lakota people, where I went to learn about interculturality. I asked my teacher Tilly Blackbear a question and she did not answer me. I said to myself that I must have asked a poor question so I began to think about my question. Five days later she said to me 'Do you remember the question you asked the first day? As Lakota people we do not answer our childrens' questions immediately; we allow them to listen to their own questions.'


This is what I want to share with you as formators. Do not give easy answers, allow your formees to listen to their own questions; so that within themselves they can find their answer or perhaps a much deeper question. This is the role of an accompanier."


Photos of the Event

Formation Programme for Formators

UISG Formation Programme Formators


4th Edition of the Programme


More than 150 participants so far


45 Sisters Participants in 2022


Go and Witness Synodality as Graced Companions


Sr. Roxanne Schares, Superior General of the Schools Sisters of Notre Dame and Member of the UISG Board, gave a profound reflection under the theme "Go and Witness Synodality as Graced Companions."


"Two words of the theme today particularly capture my attention and resonate strongly within me: “graced companions.”  First of all, these words suggest the kind of companions you and all of us, I believe, are to be, want to be going forth and serving as formators in our congregations.  What and how you and we are for our congregations will impact our entire church and world.


This mutual gracing of one another reminds me of my experience as a formator, as well as the years in ministry with refugees in Africa, particularly when with the Jesuit Refugee Service (JRS).  The JRS mission is “to accompany, to serve, to advocate the cause of refugees and other forcibly displaced people…” It was understood that there always would be a service offered; however, the conviction was that accompaniment, ‘journeying with’ was most important—a way to express and live solidarity and concern for their wellbeing.  Of utmost importance was how we carried out the service—the quality of our presence, the walking with and sharing of experiences, even the struggle and suffering, and discovering together a way into the future.  Very demanding, yet very enriching with countless graced moments.


We readily think of formation as a ministry, a service in the congregation; and it is a very essential one.  The way of accompaniment, of being companion, a “graced companion” in the journeying and discerning together is vital for the formation ministry.  Much can be said about such accompaniment, and I trust you have learned, reflected upon, and shared extensively about this."


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Sr. Roxanne Schares UISG


Sr. Roxanne Schares, Superior General of the School Sisters of Notre Dame


"Grace will be ours through the encounters, the listening, the deepening of communion.  So with confidence and hope, go and witness synodality as graced companions."


S. Mary Anne Schaenzer, SSND

Such a deep reflection on the levels of listening. Thank you!


Lilian Thomas dsh

Inspiration to all, well defined our call as graced persons. God's grace works in us.


Sr. Loretta Rozario SCCG

Thank you dear Sister for your inspiring speech. I feel so much enthused after listening you. Attentive and Respectful Listening is an sincere act of love for God and the other. May we all grow into graced companions!


Mara Frundt SSND

Congratulations on work well done. I would appreciate being added to your email list if possible. I am a novice director along with Monika Ulrik who did your program. Thanks for this important contribution to Religious Life in the Future.


Vivienne Goldstein SM

Dear Sisters, I was united in spoirit with you yesterday and I continue to thank our God for the privilege it was to be with you last week. I sing Magnificat with you and pray blessings upon you as you go...



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