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Global Sisters Report en Español

Global Sisters Report en Español


Announcement of Global Sisters Report


Global Sisters Report is pleased to announce the launch of GSR en español, an edition of our website with selected articles about sisters and columns written by sisters - all originally written in Spanish or translated by humans - with an emphasis on Catholic sisters in Latin America and Spain.


As we grow GSR en español, we are also eager to develop relationships with religious institutions and organisations in the region in order to deepen our coverage of issues and events that are of interest to our readers. We are pleased to extend our mission: To be a "dynamic online community that informs and gives voice to women religious around the world" to Spanish-language readers. We invite you to join us in helping to make this mission a reality!  


Read the full announcement (in Spanish only)


Beatriz Ruiz Rodríguez

Es importante crear y participar en redes de información que favorecen nuevos aprendizajes y creatividad en el servicio a la vida religiosa


María de los Angeles Elices

Muchas gracias por esta oferta de formación que nos ofrece UISG. Saludos cordiales llenos de agradecimiento.

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