For 2023, UISG officers prioritize the synodal journey and a 'culture of care'

For 2023, UISG officers prioritize the synodal journey and a 'culture of care'


Interview published on Global Sisters Report


Catholic sisters are looking both deeply outward and deeply inward — affirming both ministries to help heal a broken world and accompanying people on their spiritual journeys.


Those are among the takeaways from a nearly 90-minute interview Global Sisters Report staff had via Zoom with officers of the International Union of Superiors General, or UISG, on Wednesday, Dec. 7, at National Catholic Reporter offices in Kansas City, Missouri.


In a wide-ranging discussion on a host of topics — from various ministries to synodality to spirituality and the need for a "culture of care" — Sr. Nadia Coppa, an Adorer of the Blood of Christ and UISG's new president; Loreto Sr. Patricia Murray, UISG executive secretary; and Sr. Mary John Kudiyiruppil, a Holy Spirit Missionary sister and UISG associate executive secretary, spoke of current challenges and hopes for religious life globally.


Murray talked at length about spirituality and spiritual journeys.

"I'm so convinced that the ultimate desire of every human being is to live a full human life, to be their best selves, to live out the fullness of the giftedness that has been given to them," she told GSR staff. "And in a way, as religious women, it's in cultivating the inner self and being aware of self, being in touch with the divine, being in touch with the spiritual that's there in the world around us, and helping to accompany people."


Sisters, Murray said, have a role in accompanying people in the "search for meaning in their own life journey. So many people, and particularly so many young people, ask questions about the meaning of all sorts of things in their lives, and the meaning of life itself."


"There's a new call to us, it's kind of a prophetic call, to journey with people in the big questions of life, the big questions about survival of the planet, the big questions about the oppression of people, their suffering, the daily struggles of people to live fully and humanly."

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