Experiences from the Synod Assembly

Experiences from the Synod Assembly


The first session of "Reflections on the Synod Assembly 2023" took place on December 6th and saw the participation of communities and individuals from all over! Sister Maria Cimperman, RSCJ, opened the session by presenting the context of the Synod process. Then came the time for sharing and listening from the five UISG delegates at the Synod.


Sister Patricia Murray, IBVM, spoke about key areas of the Synod, emphasizing the synodal process as a deeply transformative experience marked by profound listening, personal conversion, and a radical spirit of inclusion. She shared about the diversity of participants, and the equality of all voices fostering a powerful contemplative dialogue.


Sister Mary Barron, OLA, President of UISG, shared about the four symbols that, according to her, set the tone for the Synod discussions: the San Damiano cross recalling the call to repair the Church, the Marian icon symbolizing healing, the Gospel book ever-present, and round tables embodying equality of speech! Prayer, which holds a central place in the synodal process, then facilitated mutual listening and collective discernment.


Then, Sister Maria Nirmalini, A.C., shared her experience and new ideas arising from engagement with global participants and the global Church, offering challenges and encouragement to religious women. According to her, it is important to start within our own workspaces to create a synodal place of worship where every voice matters. Her words were a call to reflect on leadership styles in our communities.


Sister Elysée Izerimana, Op.SDN, spoke about the call of religious life to communion in diversity, the charismatic presence of religious life, and its call to prophetic presence in the local Church. She emphasized the necessary attention to counter any form of abuse within and outside religious life.


Sister Elizabeth Davis, RSM, also issued calls to religious life, reminding us that consecrated individuals are called to be sentinels of the Spirit and prophetic voices to guide the Church towards greater synodality. Simultaneously, improvements are needed within religious life: addressing cases of injustice, abuse, and inequitable compensation, clarifying the contribution of women, and engaging with the many excluded from the world, the Church, and the Earth. Sister Elizabeth concluded her sharing by inviting each of us to become bearers of hope to support the vision of a synodal Church.


Listen to the entire first session of the Synod Sharing:

Additionally, we invite you to join us again on Wednesday, December 13th, from 2:00 PM to 4:00 PM (Rome time) for our second session on the Synod Assembly. 
Link to register: https://bit.ly/sharing_synod

We will have the privilege of hearing from Dr. Anna Rowlands, one of the Synod theologians, regarding the Synod's synthesis document. We will also hear from Giacomo Costa, SJ, the Special Secretary of the Synod, discussing some of the implications of the Synod for our Church and our world. During this session, we will dedicate specific time to the Conversation in the Spirit, a key step in our synodal journey. 


In preparation for this session, we invite you to read the Synod 2023 document, “A Synodal Church in Mission: Synthesis Report”

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