"Nuns Healing Hearts": online exhibition

"Nuns Healing Hearts": online exhibition


On July 29th, on the occasion of the United Nation's World Day Against Human Trafficking, Talitha Kum will present the virtual tour of the photo exhibition of "Nuns Healing Hearts" by Lisa Kristine. Launched by Pope Francis in 2019, the exhibition was created in collaboration with the Galileo Foundation.


From this day on, on the Talitha Kum website, it is possible to take a virtual stroll amongst Kristine's photos sharing the sisters' everyday activities and witnessing the lives of victims, survivors, and endangered groups suffering from human trafficking.


The virtual tour is supported by the Global Solidarity Fund.

The exhibition platform is available in five languages (ES, PT, FR, IT, EN).


Take a virtual tour of the exhibition "Nuns Healing Hearts"


Read the press release



Merci pour le beau travail de Talitha Kum. Allez de l'avant !

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