Education in Multiculturality, Education to Interculturality

Education in Multiculturality, Education to Interculturality


Ebook published by Urbaniana University Press


The Ebook "Education in Multiculturality, Education to Interculturality" (entirely translated in English) is available online.

The text is in Open Access and it is therefore possible to disseminate the link to any organisation or person who may be interested. Indeed, It is highly desirable.


The eBook is the outcome of a research-action-training project funded by the GHR (Gerald and Henrietta Rauenhorst) Foundation (MN, USA), conducted in Italy from 2018 to 2021 and concluded with an international and highly attended International Congress in Rome (November 17-19, 2021). The research group was co-directed by the editors of the volume and included researchers from Sapienza University of Rome, scholars, teachers and students from ecclesiastical university institutions, and members of highly multicultural consecrated life formative communities. The volume features an interview with Darla Deardorff as a preface and presents the methodology and part of the results of the research conducted by the multidisciplinary team and collects contributions from numerous Italian and international scholars. The results indicate that in the multicultural formative communities studied, cultural plurality is acknowledged as an essential dimension and interculturality is present in declarations of intent. However, actions planned to promote intercultural competences are rare and still in their early stages. There is still a long way to go, but the road is underway.


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Marianna Barzaghi

Bellissima idea questo eBook!!! Attualissimo tema , approfondimento indispensabile e non vogliamo che la VC rimanga tagliata fuori dal tempo e dalle sfide attuali! Grazie!


Marie Butcher

An important topic for our age