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East Asian Pastoral Institute: Programmes for 2023

East Asian Pastoral Institute: Programmes for 2023


Information from East Asian Pastoral Institute


EAPI is a residential pastoral institute for renewal, sabbatical, and leadership training. It is located in the Philippines and have been forming clergy, religious, and laity from all over the world since 1961. As an institution of the Society of Jesus, it collaborates with a diverse range of resource persons and organizations who bring their frontier expertise to bear.

The programs immerse pastoral workers in a synodal environment, marked by a culturally diverse and intergenerational community. 


Here is a brief overview and schedule of programs the EAPI is offering this August 7 to December 1, 2023:

  1. Pastoral Renewal for Discipleship

PRD is a 4-month residential program that offers ongoing formation and renewal designed to inspire pastoral leaders and missionaries with a deeper understanding and appreciation of what discipleship of Jesus means today and to equip them for the mission of the Church. Participants strive to attain two key outcomes:

  • To be Christ-Centered
  • To be Dialogically Life-Giving


        2. Sabbatical Renewal Experience

SRE is a 4-month residential program designed to provide a holistic space for persons who are in transition or need of a change of pace from their busy lives of ministry, allowing time to rest, renew, reflect, and re-create with fellow pastoral workers in an Asian cross-cultural ecclesial context. Participants strive to attain the following outcomes:

  • Psycho-Emotional Integration
  • Spiritual Maturity

To register and to find out more information, please visit the EAPI website.

The deadline for applications is on July 7, 2023. Financial assistance for pastoral leaders and lay and religious missionaries coming from under-resourced communities is available.


More information: admission@eapi.org.ph


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