Declaration from the UISG President on the participation of the UISG in the First Session of the Synod on Synodality

Declaration from the UISG President, Sr. Mary Barron, OLA, on the participation of the UISG in the First Session of the Synod on Synodality


Rome, September 28, 2023

We respond with joy to Pope Francis' call to participate in the Synod of Bishops and to commit ourselves to the ecclesial journey of the Synod on Communion, Participation and Mission.

We are convinced that religious life, with its experience of community life and discernment, can help the Church achieve this synodal conversion. 


Our consecrated life in all its forms already illustrates this synodal Church, where men and women of different generations and vocations joyfully collaborate in listening to each other and seeking God's will, to build together a Church that God awaits in this third millennium. We too, as the consecrated religious of our day, have much to learn from others within the Church, so we too continue the path of conversion, improving and developing synodality within consecrated life and beyond.    


We are invited to feel part of this Synod, to share our experiences and to dream together so that the Synodal Church becomes a reality. We take part in this adventure with confidence, remaining humble and co-responsible!


Sœur Louise Marie Diaw

Merci mes sœurs pour la présence que vous serez dans ce grand évènement de la Synodalité. Que notre marche ensemble soit toujours éclairée des lumières du Saint-Esprit et de notre joie d'être à la Suite de Jésus Sauveur. Union de prières bien fraternelle.


Sipiwe Phiri

Well said Sr. Mary. United in prayers as you take part in the synod.


Caterina Lacancellera

Complimenti ! Godiamo per la realizzazione di desideri che pian piano si vanno concretizzandosi. In comunione e con la preghiera accompagnamo questo grande evento. Grazie


Venita Fernandes sccg

With gratitude I recognise participation in this event as an experience of togetherness and communion. It truly needs a lot of listening among us, to creation, to the reality around us and to the Lord within our reality. May our deep listening to one another help us to recognise where we are and where the Lord is sending us in order to be effectively a part of the synodal journey. This participation is certainly a small but significant contribution to the Church of which we are an integral part.


MªCarmen Flórez Panizo

Con grande alegría vemos este paso grande en las Iglesia. Estaremos unidas desde la oración y gracias por su aporte. MªCarmen Flórez MMB


Patricia Ebegbulem

It is my Prayer that that we all, especially the participants at the Synod, will listen to the Holy Spirit and allow the conversion to take place 🙏


Luisa Fernanda Arroyave Vélez O.P.

Merci bien de partager avec les soeurs en Amérique Latine. C'est le moment d'ëtre bien attentive á tout ce qui se passe a l'Eglise. Je suis bien contente de lire tout type d'information sur le Synode Merci de tout coeur.


Carmela Trujillo O.S.F.

We are GRATEFUL for the opportunity to join! Thank you!


Joanne Gallagher

The way UISG is inviting all of us to participate in this Synod on Synodality is very exciting. At the same time as the Synod is meeting in Rome, the Communicators for Women Religious [https://c4wr.org/] will be gathering in St. Louis for our annual conference. The theme is "Flowing into Our Future" which seems very connected to the statement above. Coincidentally, I will be giving a presentation to the communicators during this conference. My topic is "Strengthening Your Spiritual Core" -- again, so related to synodality. This synod is about listening deeply, listening to those on the margins, listening to one another., listening to Earth our common home. To do this we need to continually clear a space within to listen to our own spiritual core. As the mystic, Rumi, says, "...return to the root of the root of your Self." As you say, religious life, with its experience of communal life and discernment can help with this. My prayer is that those in the ministry of communications [and other charism carriers], many of whom are not vowed religious, can also strengthen their spiritual core in the service of the mission of their congregations and of synodal listening.


Anne Falola

Powerful declaration highlighting the essence of Consecrated Life on this synodal journey. Wishing the five participants of UISG all the blessings of this graced period.

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