Catholic Sisters at COP27

Catholic Sisters at COP27


On October 25th, the webinar "Catholic Sisters at COP27" took place, offering the almost 100 participants the possibility of listening to voices of Sisters and women advocating for the Planet, our common home, who will bring their voices, concerns and demands to COP27 Summit in Sharm-el-Sheikh from 6 to 18 of November 2022.


In the opening words, sr. Sheila Kinsey, FCJM, stated: “The importance of COP27 is to hold governments accountable and to implement their agreements in good faith, to work together so the climate doesn’t exceed 1.5 degrees Celsius or 2.7 degrees Fahrenheit. In light of the environmental, economic, and social impacts that we are witnessing right now, it has never been more important.”
She also described the efforts taken by the UISG campaign Sowing Hope for the Planet on addressing the need to act for a climate change.

Following, Tasneem Essop, Executive Director of Climate Action Network International (CAN-I) underlined how the climate change affects mostly the most invisible in our society. She declared: "We are going to make the issue of finance to address loss and damage caused by climate change the litmus test for the success of COP27.”


Teresa Blumenstein, the Coordinator of Justice Coalition of Reigious Coalition (JCoR), a coalition of 21 NGOs representing Catholic Religious congregations at the UN, presented the inspiring resources, helping to join online advocacy efforts. JCoR Guide to COP27 provides insights into the COP27 agenda, recommended events to take part in and examples of efficient social media use in online advocacy. The Guide is available in English, Spanish and French.

She also invited all participants to join the Digital pilgrimage to Mount Sinai on November 13th. More details on this event may be found here.

Sr. Jean Quinn, , the Executive Director of UNANIMA International, began her reflection by recalled the story of meeting of Mary and Elizabeth:  “In a society where women were oppressed and denied their rights, Mary and Elizabeth created a “space” where they could share their stories, experiences of God, and their hopes for a better future. We religious women, have found in our faith, the hope and strength to struggle for justice, dignity and the right to participate in the creation of a better future for all people.” 
She added: “Together, as UNANIMA and UISG, we are committed to bringing the distinct voices of the Sisters to the UN, showing the solidarity and care for the most excluded in our world”


The last speaker, sr. Durstyne Farnan, OP, the UN Representative for Dominicans in New York encouraged everyone to pray daily for COP27, starting form November 1st, with a help of the Prayer Calendar: “We will pray for our Common Home and our governments to take the responsibility to make a firm commitment to mitigate climate change, and to care for God’s creation.”


Photo gallery of the event

Download the JCoR Guide to COP27

Download the COP 27 Prayer Calendar

Shoeless on Sinai: a Digital Pilgrimage to COP27


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