Catholic Care for Children International: website launch


Catholic Care for Children International launches its first website, inspired by the vision of “a family for every child”.


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Catholic Care for Children International (CCCI) has launched its first website, reflecting the deep commitment of Catholic Sisters worldwide to transforming the care of children. The commitment is rooted in the Gospel imperative to care for the most vulnerable and in Catholic social teaching, especially the dignity of the person. It is informed by the latest research in the social sciences and is aligned with the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child, which recognizes a child’s right to grow up in a nurturing family environment.


Begun in Uganda, Kenya, and Zambia, CCCI was established in 2020 as a program of the International Union of Superiors General (UISG). CCCI’s mission is to support the Sister led movement to reduce the need for care in institutions, prevent family separation, and provide alternatives enabling children to grow up in a loving family environment. Today, Catholic Care for Children International provides care in over 200 locations and programs through its partners in Uganda, Kenya, and Zambia and is expanding into other countries.


“The new CCCI website is a way for us to share the urgent need for care reform and the visionary approaches that religious institutes are developing,” said Sister Niluka Perera, RGS, the UISG Coordinator of Catholic Care for Children International. 


The launch of the CCCI website marks the first phase: the English language version of the website. Upcoming phases include website versions in Spanish, Italian, and French and a portal where CCCI partners can connect with each other, collaborate, and share additional resources. In addition, CCCI is present on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.


“With much gratitude, on behalf of the International Union of Superiors General, I express appreciation for this further initiative, promoted by Catholic Care for Children, to bring greater awareness and attention to the reality of child care,” said Sister Nadia Coppa, ASC, President of UISG. “The website will be of great help for growth in learning about experiences, methods, and resources to foster this new vision of the future and, thus, of social transformation.” 


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