2024 Rome Constellation Assembly

2024 Rome Constellation Assembly


The assembly of the UISG Rome Constellation, held from 9 to 11 January 2024 at the Casa di Esercizi Spirituali Nostra Signora Madre della Misericordia (Our Lady Mother of Mercy Retreat House) in Monte Cucco, was a significant moment of meeting for 78 Superiors General and Councillors.

The theme of the assembly, 'Synodality, a journey of hope', provided an opportunity for participants to explore and share the challenges and joys of consecrated life, as well as to address current issues affecting their commitment.

Sister Neusa de Fátima Mariano, MSCS, coordinator of the Rome Constellation, opened the assembly with a greeting, emphasising that "these days are a sign of hope, a precious opportunity to live together, share, reflect and listen to the Spirit in the desire to walk and renew together the commitment to an ever more synodal religious life".

During the sessions, the speakers, Sister Maria Cimperman, RSCJ, and Father Flavio Bottaro, SJ, explored the fundamental themes: "Rereading consecrated life in the light of synodality" and "Methodology of discernment in the ministry of governance". The participation of Sister Simona Brambilla, M.C., Secretary of DIVCSVA, in the Synod added an important contribution to the understanding of how synodality can be lived in consecrated life.


The Eucharist on 10 January, presided over by Cardinal João Bráz de Avis, Prefect of the Dicastery for Consecrated Life, further highlighted the importance of this moment of prayer and reflection.


Other guests at the assembly were:

- Sr. Sabrina Pianta, Op.S.D.N., Delegate of Constellation Italy and Sr. Micaela Monetti, pddm, President of USMI, gave presentations on the different organisations of institutes of consecrated life in Italy and the topics they addressed in their respective groups.

- Sr. Filippa Castronovo, fsp, offered a prayerful reading and interpretation of the Church of Antioch.

- Sr. Patricia Murray, ibvm, and Sr. Mary John Kudiyiruppil, ssps, Associate Executive Secretary of the UISG, provided updates and resources offered by the UISG to the superiors general and their teams.


The event also offered opportunities for interaction and integration through translations available in Italian, English, Spanish and French. Moments of shared prayer and attentive listening to evaluations and proposals helped to create an inclusive and participatory environment.

These days of reflection stimulated the search for new ways to live synodality, encouraging all participants to embrace the prophecy of hope and commit themselves to a more synodal future in consecrated life.


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