Migrants and Refugees in the Global Landscape

Migrants and Refugees in the Global Landscape


Online course


As religious sisters, we have pledged to collaborate as a global community to respond together to critical issues in today’s world. Migration and Refugee issues are at the forefront of political agendas in many parts of the world. Often, the humanity of people in displacement is blurred, and discussions around migrants and refugees describe them as statistics or as a threat to society. 


The International Union of Superiors General - UISG, in partnership with the Boston College School of Social Work, offers the opportunity to enroll in an online teaching module to deepen our understanding of MIGRANTS AND REFUGEES IN THE GLOBAL LANDSCAPE. 


The module is approximately 4 hours in length and contains short videos from practitioners, interactive text, readings, and different activities aimed at enhancing learning. The module’s content is offered only in English language for now. It also requires a stable internet connection.


Any inquiries about enrolment should be directed to Sr. Carmen Elisa Bandeo, SSpS, Co-ordinator UISG Migration Programme to the following email address: rete.migranti@uisg.org