Canon Law and the Role of General Councillors

Canon Law and the Role of General Councillors


Online course


During these sessions, we will address canonical topics that apply to General governance and specifically the role of the General Councillor. Important areas such as consent, advice, and collegial voting will be discussed. We will also look at some of the canon law updates that Pope Francis has made regarding consecrated life and their implications at the General level. 


Because each Institute is unique with its own proper law and practices, please bring your Constitutions and other supplementary norms or guidelines that you use in governing the Institute and/or defining the roles and responsibilities of General Councillors. 



14 and 15 December, 2023

9.00am - 11.00am (Rome time)



Sr. Kelly Connors, pm



Sr. Paula Noronha Jordão, fmvd



English, Italian, Spanish and French



Registration link: https://bit.ly/UISG-CanonLaw-GeneralCouncil


More information: formation@uisg.org