Creating a Culture of Safeguarding

Creating a Culture of Safeguarding


On-site workshop by the UISG - USG Care and Protection Commission


The aim of the workshop is to help those with responsibility for safeguarding to build a safeguarding culture in their religious congregations.



November 6 - 10, 2023



Fraterna Domus - Via Sacrofanese, 25
00188 Roma
Tel. 06330821



Superiors General and/or their Congregational Safeguarding Delegates, members of UISG-USG. Maximum of 2 participants per congregation.



English, Italian, Spanish and French



As the number of participants is limited to 140, and in order to ensure an adequate representation of female and male congregations, registration will be done in two

  1. pre-registration until 30 May for those wishing to participate.
  2. registration of those selected by the UISG-USG Care and Protection Commission.

Those who participate will be asked to attend for the duration of the workshop.

There will be a participation fee of 485 € / person (the fee is subsidised by UISG-USG)

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More information: safeguarding@uisg.org