Governance in the Religious Life

Online course: Governance in the Religious Life


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November 8 - 9, 2022, from 2.30pm to 4pm (Rome Time)



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The deadline for registration is November 6. Participation is required on both days.



English, Spanish, Italian and Portuguese



The first session "Understanding Governance in the Religious Life" seeks to bring the concepts and principles of Governance, adapted to religious life, demonstrating how they can contribute to the strengthening of Congregations in the management of their Projects.


On the second day, based on Axis' practice with Governance programmes in various Congregations, we will address the steps that can be taken to implement a Governance programme, its challenges and benefits.



UISG and Axis Institute

The Axis Institute has been providing consultancy, advice and technical training to confessional and ecclesiastical entities for two decades, with integrity, seriousness and commitment.
The work consists of knowing the needs and expectations through contacts with the institution's leaders, and then Axis designs a set of solutions based on the concept of structured ascension.

Working with experienced professionals in training and advising on management and directive and managerial practice, Axis Instituto establishes and implements processes, teaching and helping to build a solid and efficient foundation for the development of institutions.



formation@uisg.org - whatsapp: + 39 349 935 8744


Speaker: Sebastião Venâncio Castro, PhD

Psychologist, Biologist

PhD in Public Policy (Governance); Specialist in People Management in Organizations; Certified in Governance, Risk and Compliance (Lisbon); Master in Environment (UFMG); Specialist in Water Resources (Aston University, England); Specialist in Environmental Management and Management (UFLA); Environmental Judicial Expert; Professor Former Director of Schools; Coordinator of International Education Projects; Technical trips (environment and education) to more than 30 countries; Consultant, for more than 20 years, in the areas of Governance, Management and Education, for more than a hundred Catholic schools and Colleges.