We are a joint Commission of the two Unions; our main objective is to promote collaboration between Education Officers of the General Curiae of our Institutions.



Our Commission was established with the aim of promoting the mission of education through formation initiatives for religious congregations on relevant educational themes of our interest to be explored together.

Our Commission ensures the relationship of our Unions with the Congregation for Catholic Education of the Holy See, with the OIEC (International Office of Catholic Education) and with other educational institutions. We are also engaged at strengthening the relationship with the Dicastery for Integral Human Development.



Our core activity is the annual Seminar for the formation of educators, which has become a powerful tool for shared work among all the Congregations dedicated to education.

Pope Francis' invitation to "rebuilding the Global Compact on Education" has been a decisive driving force for the work of the Commission in recent years, and will continue in future.

The Global Pact calls for networking, however our Commission has already been promoting it for years. 


Our Commission has jointly analysed with the various Congregations, the following themes:



  • 2011: Formation of both religious and lay educators, at the service of education in a changing world.
  • 2012: Formation of educators in a Joint Mission.
  • 2013: Educate evangelising and evangelise educating at school.
  • 2014: Challenges of Catholic Schools in the XXI century.
  • 2015: The Congress of Catholic Education organized by the Holy See.
  • 2016: Catholic schools’ sustainability.
  • 2017: Young people, faith and vocational discernment.
  • 2018: “I can”, together with DESIGN FOR CHANGE.
  • 2019: Innovating from grassroots, in a meaningful way with the SM Foundation.
  • 2020: Rebuilding the Global Compact on Education, applying the Appreciative Enquiry methodology.   
  • 2021: Transforming schools within the framework of the Global Compact on Education.  

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