Communicating Religious Life

Communicating Religious Life


The “Communicating Religious Life” digital platform is an online portal that offers formation material and initiatives for men and women communicators of consecrated life.


This project was launched by UISG in April 2023, and it is an initiative that aims at paving the way to the First International Meeting of Communication for Religious Life, that is going to be held online from the 27th to the 30th of November 2023.

The digital Platform’s contents may be subdivided in three main categories: Multimedia, Events and News from the Church’s communication world.

The contents to be included in the digital Platform are going to be selected by means of a collaborative process: As a matter of fact, the Platform is going to be a digital space that is built with and for the communication of consecrated life.


We communicate the heart of female religious life.

We share our spirituality, charism, and mission, as well as our commitment to build a more fraternal, equal, and peaceful world, especially with and for the most vulnerable people. 

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