Catholic Care for Children

Catholic Care for Children International


Catholic Care for Children (CCC) is a visionary initiative, led by Catholic sisters, to ensure that children grow up in safe, nurturing families. The project aims to support exiting Catholic Care for Children initiatives and extend this initiative globally.   

“God sets the lonely in families” (Psalm 68: 6), every child deserves a family.



The project was founded by the UISG in 2020 with the vision “A family for every child”.
Sacred Scripture and scientific research affirm that children grow best in families. Visioning that a child’s wellbeing and development is best supported in a family or family like context, our project is committed to global expansion of the Catholic Care for Children movement which was started in Uganda, Zambia and Kenya. 



We aim to help religious institutes with a charism of care to read the signs of the times and to provide the best care possible for children and vulnerable persons, by reducing recourse to institutional care and encouraging family and community-based care for children.



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International coordinator: Sr. Mary Niluka Perera, RGS -

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