Integrating climate action with a holistic approach to address biodiversity loss, pollution and other environmental challenges; integrating care for the environment and care for people, rejecting an anthropocentric vision that supports destructive consumption habits; and integrating the demands of the most vulnerable within institutional and leadership frameworks, ensuring that the voices of those affected by climate change are at the centre of the global debate. 


These are the key points that the UISG brought to COP28, the UN Climate Change Conference, which concluded in Dubai on 13 December.


UISG networks around the world are committed to addressing environmental challenges through action and advocacy, at the forefront of a movement to shape global conversations on development issues around the needs of local communities.


"Participating for the first time in a COP summit allowed us to better understand how the international climate change dialogues work, to hear the experiences of religious groups already engaged in advocacy at the United Nations, and to explore coordinated strategies to be adopted with our partners in the near future," explains Sister Maamalifar Poreku, coordinator of the UISG environmental network.


"The conclusion of COP28 poses complex questions for us: the summit highlighted the proactive and well-organised resistance with which the fossil fuel lobby and other international industries oppose the measures needed to stop the destruction of our planet. On the other hand, however, these weeks have also highlighted the strength, ubiquity and determination of the networks engaged around the world to protect and regenerate our common home".

For the coming 2024, UISG's priority will be to deploy our resources as concretely as possible, given the urgency of the challenges we face. Our focus will be on strategic participation in global advocacy spaces, on strengthening environmental networks at the national level, and on targeted intervention in areas of special interest.


Marie Pépyne Matendakama

Ensemble pour la protection de notre maison commune <la terre>

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