UISG Nairobi Intercultural workshop

UISG Nairobi Intercultural workshop


Six months after the UISG Nairobi Intercultural workshop, the group of international sisters reconnected virtually to continue their journey of intercultural understanding. The meeting kicked off with a prayer and check-in. After, in small groups, the sisters shared their experiences and growth since the Nairobi workshop, focusing on the benefits, personal changes, and challenges encountered in their intercultural journeys. This open exchange fostered learning and new perspectives among the participants.


Building Bridges and Sharing Wisdom

At the end, in a plenary session, the group explored ways to build on their learnings and support each other. These are some of the most important ideas:

  • Creating national WhatsApp groups for communication and support.
  • Organizing future workshops on specific topics related to intercultural understanding, potentially focusing on African traditions and cultures and intercultural living.
  • Developing a training module for sisters at all stages of formation, including novices and newly professed sisters.
  • Reaching out to both major and general congregational leaders to advocate for wider support of intercultural initiatives.
  • Empowering sisters as facilitators to share the wisdom of interculturality with others.


A Hopeful Light

The meeting was a joyful reunion and a hopeful light for the sisters, amidst today's global challenges. They remain committed to welcoming others and building God's kingdom, with the humble trust that the Holy Spirit empowers all to learn new languages that unite people in every circumstance.


The sisters' dedication to ongoing learning and collaboration will undoubtedly enrich their personal lives, ministries, and their attempt to live the Gospel, ultimately fostering a more inclusive and understanding global community.



That was enjoyable


Elizabeth Mutegi

Quite an interesting topic ie interculturality to be learnt and lived. Given an opportunity I would learn, practice and share more for building up our communities an society at large


Sr. Mary Cecilia Anawanti EHJ

This is good. Thanks so much for sharing this. May God bless you all for the good job. Sr. Cee


Jacinta Ndinda Mutua

I will be happy to be considered for this vital learning of concecrated life in accordance to Canon Law.


Sr Letebrhan

May God bless you and grant you his heavenly grace to continue the mission.

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