Capitoli Generali dei nostri Membri

Prossimi capitoli generali


Grazie per aver condiviso con noi la notizia: ci fa sentire una famiglia che cammina insieme.

Preghiamo perché lo Spirito ci faccia essere sempre più “voce profetica in questo nostro mondo”.



Filles de la Croix
26°Chapitre Général
"Elargis l'espace de ta tente" (Is 54,2)
La Puye, France, du 25 juillet au 22 août


Barmherzige Schwestern vom heiligen Kreuzs
Von Gottes Geist bewegt mutig auf dem Weg
Deutschland, 02. - 24. August


Religieuses  Trinitaires 
Lourdes, France, 3 au 23 août 2022


Poor Servants of the Mother of God
United and strengthened we go forth to love, serve and witness
London, England, 9th - 25th, August


Congregatio Jesu
Co-creating the future for mission in Freedom, Justice, Sincerity, Felicity
Nemi, Italy, 22 August - 8 September


Missionary Sisters of the Precious Blood
14th General Chapter
Rooted in God, be Signs of Hope for Mission that has no boundaries.
Paderborn, Germany, August 22 - September 22


Ursulines of Mary Immaculate
Awakened to be Sowers of Prophetic Hope
Online, September 22nd to October 8th


Sisters of the Sorrowful Mother
23rd General Chapter
Rooted in Christ: We See, We Renew, We Serve
Rome, Italy, October 4-22