Hymn: audio and text



“Under your cross we stand
Hearing the cry of your world
Our desire is to embrace
The wounds of humanity


You know we are
Vulnerable and poor
But we know that your grace 
makes us strong, makes us new
so, sends us out to the world


We will speak your WORD that holds your HOPE
We will live COMMUNION sowing LOVE
We will walk TOGETHER as your CHURCH
Seeking to INCLUDE everyone


We will share our LIVES, our TIME, our DOUBTS
Learning from each OTHER on the ROAD
We will trust the POWER OF YOUR SPIRIT
Knowing we DEPEND on you, we PRAY:


May your KINGDOM come
May your WILL be done
And LEAD us all, LORD OUR GOD, LEAD US BACK to you.”


Author of the text and music: Paula Jordão, FMVD


Voices: Paula Jordão, FMVD and Valentina Stilo, FMVD



Prayer of the UISG Plenary 2022

Text of the Prayer

Lord jesus, we stand under your cross

Lord jesus, we stand under your cross

hearing the cry of our world.

Help us to embrace the wounds of humanity.


You know we are vulnerable and poor

but with your grace, make us strong,  create us anew

and send us out into the world.


May we speak your word, holding your hope

and live communion, sowing love.

Teach us to walk together as your church

seeking to include everyone.


May we share our lives,

our time and our doubts

learning from each other on the road.

May we trust the power of your Spirit

and learn to depend always on you.


Teach us to pray and live your words:

May your kingdom come,

may your will be done

May our hearts forgive

and may you lead us all back to you.


Through our Lord Jesus Christ,

who is in communion with the Father

and the Holy Spirit,

for ever and ever. Amen.